Online Retail

We are in the process of handing over our 3 online retail opportunities, which include Green Cross Parcel and eMark, leaving no online opportunities available at present.

To enquire about future opportunities and how iCompany works Click Here to send us your details or email info@icompany.ie and we will be in touch with you.

Packaged Business Opportunities (On Hold)

We are currently putting together a number of packaged businesses that include many of the supports and benefits of a franchise but minus the ongoing franchise fees.

These packaged business opportunities are ideal for those who would like to work for themself but not necessarily by themself, and that do not wish to go through the normal iCompany process. They will be ready to go businesses that include all essential elements to get you started and increase your chances of success.

Packaged Business No. 1 – Laser Pack (On Hold)

Laser Pack is a laser engraving and laser cutting business. For details download our brochures below:

Laser Pack Overview – Click Here
Epilog Brochure – Click Here

Packaged Business No. 2 – Saw Pack

Saw Pack is a versatile glass and tile cutting business with endless capability. Details coming soon!
To find out more about packaged business opportunities from iCompany Click Here or email info@icompany.ie to send us your details and we will be in touch with you.

We Need You!

As a not for profit organisation we welcome all the help and support that we can get. We work on a wide variety of projects and have a range of work placement opportunities available. We also welcome those who would like to offer their expertise or services in general, especially those who might be currently looking for employment as we can assist them find employment through our network.

To find out more Click Here or email info@icompany.ie to send us your details and we will be in touch with you.