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Green Cross Parcel Logo

Green Cross Parcel eCommerce site is now live and being handed over to a successful candidate. Full case study details coming soon!

Green Cross Parcel is unique not for profit Irish gift parcel service that aims to affordably deliver a wide range of Irish products to expats and other around the world.

Each parcel can be packed with your personal choice of items from a list of classic Irish brands, merchandise, clothing and more. There are also some pre packed parcels to help you choose.

With each parcel shipped the profits will go to a selection of Irish charities, as well as one charity or special cause based outside of Ireland that focuses on helping the Irish.

Green Cross Parcel launched officially on Saturday, June 29th, 2013. As part of launch they recorded this video (http://youtu.be/yMPlcmvTqcw) and had great fun playing with the idea of mixing chocolate and Tayto crisps. We will also publish a case study on Green Cross Parcel as soon as it has successfully gone through our earn out process.

Website: www.greencrossparcel.ie
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GreenCrossParcel
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/GreenCrossParcel

Original Branding & Website Design

As a new business iCompany needed help to develop its corporate identity which included its corporate website (www.icompany.ie). Although a well established design company had gratefully expressed its willingness to sponsor this work, in keeping with our ethos we thought this project might represent a greater opportunity for a recent design graduate who would benefit greater from the exposure of this work giving them a leg up in getting their own business or career off the ground.

Step 1

We first approached the NCAD (National College of Art & Design) to see if they could help in contacting recent graduates. After some consultation an email was sent out informing relevant graduates of the opportunity and within minutes started to receive replies.

Interviews were carried out over the course of a week, and with a high calibre of candidates it was difficult to make a decision but it was ultimately the person who could benefit the most from the opportunity that prevailed.

Step 2

Niall J. Maher, NCAD graduate, was chosen to take on the project and the next step was to create an outline for the project. Niall is a recent graduate of the National College of Art & Design with an honours degree in Visual Communications and has just launched his career as a freelance graphic designer and web developer (www.nialljmaher.com).

Step 3

An outline of the project was put together based on the nature and ethos of the iCompany business and from this a corporate identity, branding and website was developed.

Step 4

Having a corporate identity, branding and website ready to go it put us one step closer to launching officially, and without which could not have launched properly.